BOWEN THERAPY ~ the gentlest, most effective body work ~ a body-transforming experience with permanent results
A merciful heart and "magic" fingers ~ what you'll find with a Bowen therapist

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      I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 11, have had numerous knee surgeries since I was 13, had another surgery a year and a half ago and a set of experimental injection procedures that left me crippled, in constant pain from what was said to be a permanent nerve disorder (and on 5 morphine a day to manage it), often having to use crutches to walk at all. 

      My orthopedic doctor had pretty much said that was all he could do; venal degeneration prohibited total knee replacements and they were liable to make the nerve disorder worse anyway.  A neurologist I saw advised blocking or severing certain nerves in my legs to help me manage the pain, but could offer nothing beyond that.

      When I began to see Cheryll, my Bowen therapist, it wasn't because I had any high hopes of her helping me at all.  I only hoped I wouldn't be hurt.  And I probably only went to her at all because a close friend, tired of seeing me hurt so without any prospect of relief, paid for me to have my first three sessions. 
      To my delight and amazement, within six sessions -- one a week for six weeks -- I was off morphine altogether.  Over the next year of periodic, but not constant treatments, I suffered two injuries to a knee that has no cartilage left at all.  Each time, a single Bowen treatment has helped me manage the pain and restore mobility.  
      I still have to be careful where my knees are concerned, but now the pain messages I receive from my legs are the "right" kind, the kind that warn me against a misstep.  When you hurt all the time, pain loses its good function in preserving one from danger or injury.  Bowen therapy made it possible for me to walk without crutches, manage what was before unmanageable pain, and have a body with nerves that work in a much, much better fashion. 
      The chronic nerve disorder I have acquired because of all the procedures done to my knees has subsided by 95% with only an occasional, brief flareup.  The venal degeneration in my legs has stopped its rapid progress.  A visit to my vein specialist last March measured returned circulation of more than 50% in both legs -- a "healing" substantial enough that he could not account for it.  My own sleep patterns, interrupted by the chronic pain for so long, are now predictable, natural, deep, restoring.
      Last year I had two bouts with pneumonia and one with toxic molds (left when a hurricane damaged our home) and the rheumatoid factors in my body attacked my lungs for the first time.  A visit to Cheryll -- she of the merciful heart and "magic" fingers -- can clear my bronchii faster than any inhaler I've been prescribed.  Somehow, the very gentle stimulation of my autonomic nervous system is doing the wonders for me that "modern medicine" with its surgeries and drugs and cauteries has been unable to accomplish. 
      I am not alone in being a happy recipient of a slow, positive return to a better general state of health (even with the "normal" setbacks of small injuries and illnesses) thanks to Bowen therapy.  I could give you testimonials from many others I've sent Cheryll's way about the relief they've experienced from a wide variety of physical and mental effects that have plagued them for a long, long time.
     This website offers some more information about the process:  www.bowentherapyorlando.com  Bowen treats the autonomic nervous system to release "stored toxins" that have become bound inside muscles, often a result of either a physical or emotional or psychological trauma and worse where all three coincide, and to restore deep circulatory and nervous pathways to full efficiency.  When the body is working efficiently at this unconscious level, deep healing can happen in a surpisingly rapid fashion.  Bowen therapy is unique, extremely gentle and remarkably efficient.  Many who are treated for a problem need only 3 or 4 or 6 sessions to restore their body's function. 
     You'll find links at www.bowentherapyorlando.com that will show you how to find a Bowen therapist in your area.  While this is a widely used treatment modality in some countries, it is only now developing a wider base of understanding and practice in the United States.  Read through Cheryll's website thoroughly so that you can understand this therapy prior to finding an expert in it to help you.
     It is my prayer that many would find the healing I have experienced from this remarkable treatment that combines gentle touch, a caring and merciful response to the whole person, and "magic" fingers.

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