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The tone of our homes means a lot, doesn't it?  That's why we make those never-ending efforts at trying (!!!) to keep the chaos at bay, to maintain healthy relationships, to keep things picked up and more or less organized so we can find them without too much searching.  If things are not exactly clean enough to eat off of, they're at least clean enough to eat in the middle of without losing appetite.  I've always wanted to enjoy people, feed and comfort my family and welcome guests without worrying too much about their approval.


Having clean-burning, richly scented pure soy candles alight gives a softening glow and a heart-warming scent to help set the mood for any meal, however simple.  Lighting a candle, saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the faces present and the food provided, and a general warmth and courtesy can turn any food into a feast.

       Before you burn any candle in your home, please read this "Candle Safety Tips" sheet I have posted. 

COOK UP SOME FUN WITH YOUR HOMESCHOOLERS!  Click here to visit the best site on the internet for FOOD LESSON PLANS.  You'll find lesson plans on the history of food, food as art, the chemistry of cooking and so much more. 

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       I love to cook, and I enjoy inventing new recipes.  On these pages are some of my favorites that are either originals or original adaptations of old standby's.  Some are vegetarian, some are low sugar/lower carb/low fat, but my own personal philosophy is that balance is everything in the body's health.  Most eating plans are fads and will change with the season, if not the day.  Food as "close to the garden/farm as you can get it" is the best.  But we're meant to enjoy life, to feast with friends, to have open hearts and homes.  Feel free to print out the recipes I have here, but please don't republish them. 

Cook with your kids!  It's a wonderful bonding, learning experience.  I mean, when else can you work measures, weights, fractions, etc., so easily into normal conversation? 
Click here for some great cookbooks and cooking activities with kids.

How about a cook book that teaches kids how to make their favorites:  PASTA & PIZZA.  This is another of the titles in the Usborne "Cooking School" series and sure to be a hit with your young chef(s).


Here's a chance to make exotic things like "cheesy snakes" and "crown cakes," all ideas and kid-friendly recipes to delight the imagination as well as the palate!  Check out WHAT SHALL I COOK?


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