I have a hard time throwing away anything that smells as good as our burned down candle wax.  Here are some ideas for reusing it creatively.

Read my "Candle Safety Tips"
sheet to get the most life out of your candle
enjoy a safe, sweet-smelling,
long-lasting burn!

      First, melt the wax down.  I do this by putting my candle jars into a shallow water bath in a skillet or pan and heating the pan on low-medium on top of the stove, just until the wax melts.  Soy wax melts at a lower temperature than paraffin, so watch this closely.  DO NOT heat the wax on high heat.  All wax, including soy/veg/beeswaxes, can catch on fire if overheated.  If the wax starts to smoke, you're in trouble.  Turn off the heat and set the pan aside to cool.

      The metal wick holders, any dirt and bits of old matches or wick will sink to the bottom of the containers as you heat the wax to melt point.  You'll be able to throw away the bits left in the bottom of the pan after you pour off the clarified wax or you can strain the wax through an old sock or piece of rag.

       Make fire starters with the old wax by dipping strips of newspaper, small bundles of straw, or shredded wood pieces into the melted wax and then setting them aside to harden.

      Remelt old candle pieces in your potpourri burner or tart burner.  The scents last indefinitely and will bring you many more hours of enjoyment.

       Shred the remelted and rehardened wax with a coleslaw shredder.  Place these bits into pieces of old pantyhose to make sachet packs for your dresser drawers.  If you want to dress this idea up a bit, sew pretty organza bags and stuff them with the wax.

      Use larger bits of wax to make old dresser drawers or sticky windows slide easier.  Just run the wax over the wood that is sticking, and sticky drawers and windows will operate smoothly!

        Dip (cleaned, dried) pine cones into the melted wax and let them dry on a rack.  Several dippings -- even using different layers of scented wax -- produce the best result.  If you're going to use these for holiday celebrations, drizzle on a final layer of wax and sprinkle fine glitter on the dipped cones immediately while the wax is still wet.
       Don't forget that our candle wax cleans up with regular dish soap and warm water.  That means that our candle jars are reusable after washing and that your votive holders will clean up neatly and quickly.  No more having to freeze the containers, pry out the old wax, chip away at what remains, then scrub out the black soot -- or throw away the containers because it's just not worth the effort!

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